What is the Asian handicap? Where can you play the Asian handicap bet reliably?

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The Asian handicap is a basic type of soccer betting that many newcomers and professionals are interested in. If you are a soccer betting enthusiast, it’s essential to understand this type of bet. Let’s explore what the Asian handicap is with the information provided by experts in this article from Wintips.
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Introduction to the Asian Handicap
First, let’s answer the question: What is the Asian handicap? The Asian handicap is also known as the 1X2 bet, and it is determined based on the outcome of a match, whether it’s a win, draw, or loss. Through the odds of the Asian handicap, bettors can also gauge which team is considered stronger and which is weaker in the eyes of the bookmaker. It can be said that playing the Asian handicap is relatively straightforward, but to succeed in this type of bet, bettors need a good understanding of soccer.
In the Asian handicap, bettors only need to choose from three options provided by the bookmaker: the home team to win (1), a draw (X), or the away team to win (2). The bettor’s task is to evaluate the outcome of the match and make their selection.
How to Read the Asian Handicap
In addition to understanding what the Asian handicap is, bettors also need to know how to read it. As mentioned earlier, the Asian handicap offers three options for bettors, denoted as 1X2. To better understand how to read the Asian handicap, let’s take a look at the following example:
Consider a match between Manchester United and Everton. From the Asian handicap odds, we can see that Manchester United is the home team, while Everton is the away team. The bookmaker provides odds of 1.52 for 7.20 for 4.10 for the 1 (home team wins), X (draw), and 2 (away team wins) outcomes, respectively. In this case, 1 represents Manchester United winning, X represents a draw, and 2 represents Everton winning.
Reading the first-half (hiệp 1) Asian handicap is similar to reading the full match handicap. However, for the first half, 1 indicates Manchester United leading after the first half, X indicates a draw at halftime, and 2 indicates Everton leading after the first half. Clearly, Manchester United is heavily favored by the bookmaker, as their odds for winning are only 1.52, whereas the odds for Everton winning are much higher at 7.20.
It’s evident that your betting odds in the Asian handicap are closely related to the odds set by the bookmaker. The bookmaker offers lower odds for Manchester United because they are considered more likely to win. Conversely, the odds for Everton winning are higher because the away team is seen as less likely to win in this match.
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What are the experiences of playing the Asian handicap?
The Asian handicap is a straightforward and easy-to-play bet, but it’s not necessarily easy to make a profit, especially for new members. That’s why newcomers need to understand what experiences are involved in playing the 1X2 Asian handicap. These are some of the experiences shared by Vietnamese experts:
Avoid Falling for Bookmakers’ Traps
This is a fundamental aspect that anyone playing the Asian handicap should be aware of. Bookmakers often set very high odds for the underdog team to lure in players driven by greed. To avoid falling for bookmakers’ traps, it’s essential to have basic knowledge of the relative strength of the two teams. This way, you won’t be overly reliant on the odds provided by the bookmakers and will use them as a reference.
Consider Betting on Draws
One observation made by experts when playing the Asian handicap is that players rarely choose the draw option. Players tend to select one of the teams to win, either the favorite or the underdog. However, many soccer matches do end in draws. Therefore, an important experience in Asian handicap betting is to consider including the draw option in your choices.
Choose the Right Time to Place Bets
When is the best time to play the Asian handicap? This is a crucial aspect that many players tend to overlook. The ideal time to place an Asian handicap bet is 3-5 days before the match kicks off. During this period, the odds provided by bookmakers are relatively stable with minimal fluctuations. This allows players to obtain the most accurate odds. Betting too close to the match day can result in constantly changing odds, while betting too far in advance makes it challenging to gather information about the starting lineups.
Avoid Emotional Betting
Many newcomers make the mistake of placing bets based on emotions, supporting their favorite teams. This is something you should only do if you want to hand your money over to the bookmakers. To prevent this, it’s advisable not to bet on matches involving your favorite teams.
Don’t Follow the Crowd
Even new players should conduct their own analyses when playing the Asian handicap. You shouldn’t blindly follow the crowd, as the majority isn’t always accurate, and it can also make betting less exciting.
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Hopefully, these tips will help new players understand what the Asian handicap is and how to approach it
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