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When watching football matches, you’ll often encounter results that can be summarized as follows: win, lose, or draw. If you’re into betting, you’ll have various betting options similar to these outcomes. The calculation is as straightforward as the results themselves: you choose which team will win, and if that’s the case, you win; if not, you lose. If the match ends in a draw, your wager is returned.
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What is Asian Handicap Betting?
However, with the diversity offered by today’s bookmakers, the betting options available have become quite extensive. The Asian handicap is one such popular betting type. The handicap amount is determined based on the strength of one of the two teams.
For instance, if Liverpool is handicapped by half a goal against Arsenal, and you choose Liverpool to win, Liverpool must have a lead of at least one goal against Arsenal for your bet to be successful. If Liverpool draws or loses to Arsenal, you lose the bet. This means that in Asian handicap betting, there is no possibility of a push.
By engaging in handicap betting, your chances of winning increase to approximately 50%. This eliminates the possibility of a push, ensuring either a win or a loss. Asian handicap betting provides more opportunities for winning, as the greater the goal difference between your chosen team and the opponent, the higher your potential payout.
Calculating Asian Handicap Odds
In the football betting market, Asian handicap odds are just as lively as European handicap odds. Below are detailed explanations of some common Asian handicap bets that are frequently used in Vietnam.
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What does the 0.25 Asian Handicap Mean?
With this type of bet, the stronger team is handicapped by a quarter goal. When you choose this bet, half of your wager goes to the 0 handicap and the remaining half to the 0.5 handicap. For example, if the score in a match with a 0.25 Asian handicap is a draw, the team with the 0 handicap would lose half of the wager, while the other team wins the other half.
What does the 1.25 Asian Handicap Mean?
With this type of bet, the stronger team is handicapped by one and a quarter goals. For ease of understanding and differentiation from the 0.25 handicap, think of it as putting half of your wager on the 1 handicap and the other half on the 1.5 handicap. For instance, if the team with the 1.25 handicap wins by a goal against the other team, you would win half of your wager, while the other half would be lost.
What is the 3-Way Handicap Betting?
This type of bet is unique in the Asian handicap market, expanding upon the conventional handicaps. However, instead of the common fractional handicaps like 0.25 or 0.5, this type only involves whole goal handicaps like 1, 2, etc. For example, if you place a bet on MU (-2), this means you’re betting on MU being handicapped by 2 goals. If MU wins by exactly 2 goals, your wager is returned, but if MU wins by more than 2 goals, you’ll receive a payout at 2x the odds.
What is the 0-0.5 Handicap Betting?
This type of bet, often referred to as the “half-ball” handicap, divides your wager equally between a draw and a handicap of 0.5. There are two potential outcomes that can result in either a half-win or half-loss.
For instance, if the team with the 0-0.5 handicap draws, the bettor who chose that team would lose half of the wager, while the other bettor who chose the opposing team would win half of the wager.
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These are some of the basic and most frequently used Asian handicap bets in the current betting landscape. However, there are many more variations and betting types available. Since it’s hard to cover all the intricacies in one article, I’ll conclude here. Best of luck, and may your betting endeavors be profitable
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