Guide to play 1.5/2 Over/Under in Football betting

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The 1.5/2 Over/Under bet is a type of wager in online sports betting, offered by bookmakers, in which the player only wins if there are three or more goals scored in the match.
Currently, the online sports betting scene is thriving, driven by the passion of football enthusiasts and bettors alike. With this enthusiastic support, many different betting options have emerged to cater to the preferences of the players in terms of types and odds. One of the most popular choices among bettors is the 1.5-2 Over/Under bet. So, what exactly is the 1.5/2 Over/Under bet, and how can you win with it? Read this article to find out.
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What is the Over/Under Bet?
Before we delve into what 1.5/2 Over/Under means, let’s understand how to read an Over/Under bet in football betting. It is often referred to as O/U, and it is a very common form of sports betting today. In this type of bet, reputable bookmakers assess the goal-scoring abilities of both teams. The player’s task is to place a wager on the offered odds in a way that the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match will be greater than or equal to the given odds.
Over: This means that the player’s wager is on the total number of goals scored in the match being higher than what the bookmaker offers.
Under: This means that the player’s wager is on the total number of goals scored in the match being lower than what the bookmaker offers.
A draw occurs if the number of goals scored matches the odds given by the bookmaker.
What is 1.5/2 Over/Under?
Similar to the 3/3.5 Over/Under bet, the 1.5/2 Over/Under is one of the most popular bet types in football. When you choose to bet on 1.5/2 Over/Under, there are only two possible outcomes: win or lose, with no possibility of a draw, which is why many players prefer this type of bet. Additionally, it’s quite popular, so many bookmakers often have promotions specifically for this type of bet.
When you place a 1.5/2 Over/Under bet, the win-loss outcome is determined as follows:
If the match result sees at most 1 goal scored, those who bet on ‘Over’ will lose, while those who bet ‘Under’ will win.
If the total number of goals in the match is exactly 2, those who bet ‘Over’ will win half of their stake, while those who bet ‘Under’ will lose half of their stake.
In the case of a match with a total of 3 goals or more, those who bet ‘Over’ are the winners and will receive the full amount of their stake.
This is how the 1.5/2 Over/Under bet works in football betting.
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03 Easy Tips for Placing Over/Under 1.5/2 Bets
Once you understand what the 1.5-2 bet entails, you need to grasp the secrets to winning it. Although the 1.5/2 bet might still be new to you, it’s not difficult to analyze and place these bets for big wins. If you’re seeking the most effective betting strategies, follow the summarized experiences below.
#1. Choose the Right Timing to Place Bets
According to the experience of sports bettors at various bookmakers, they have an edge over others. The best and most effective time to place these bets is around 10 minutes after the game starts. In that short timeframe, you can make preliminary observations and gain a better understanding of each team’s situation, ensuring you make informed decisions.
#2. Analyze and Research Ongoing Match Information
Everyone knows that there can be relevant information about the upcoming match you’re betting on. What’s crucial then is to know everything about the game. This knowledge will help you make confident and decisive decisions. Key information to consider includes the starting lineups of both teams, the condition of the stadium, the home team, and the weather on that day.
#3. Choose the Right Bet to Place
First, if the first 15 minutes of the game are still in progress and the match is leaning towards more goals, with the handicap odds unchanged, you should consider placing an over bet.
Next, if one team is performing better, has an advantage, and exhibits better performance and fighting capability, you should continue to select the over bets to invest in.
Finally, when it comes to situations where the odds come from the weaker team, and the handicap odds have decreased from 1.5/2 to even lower within the first 15 minutes of the game, you should choose the under bets as they are more likely to win.
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In general, the over/under 1.5/2 bet may still be relatively new to many bettors, making it easy to misunderstand. The information about 1.5/2 bets has been compiled for you. This is a simple and potentially rewarding type of bet. We hope you achieve success in your over/under 1.5/2 bets.
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