What is the 1.5 handicap? Revealing how to view and bet on the 1.5 handicap

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What is the 1.5 handicap? Is it easy to read the odds for the 1.5 handicap? If the match you are interested in has a 1.5 handicap offered by the bookmaker. So how should we bet on this handicap to avoid losing? Let’s find out betting tips europa league more with Wintips in the following article.
What is the 1.5 handicap?
The 1.5 handicap can be understood as a handicap bet with the odds set at 1.5. The team considered the favorite will give a 1.5 goal handicap to the underdog.
In the terminology of betting players in our country, they will call the 1.5 handicap ‘1 and a half goal handicap’.
For those who are betting on football online, at reputable sports betting sites, they will display this handicap in the form of odds with a 1.5 handicap.
The odds for the 1.5 handicap are usually offered by bookmakers in the second half. There are even matches where only the first half has been played, but there is still a 1.5 handicap. Especially when the team with the upper hand is leading by more than 1 goal.
The special feature of this handicap is that there are only two outcomes: win or lose the bet. This means that in the event of a draw, the underdog team will be considered the winning side and vice versa. So, is it easy to read the 1.5 handicap odds? The answer will be provided below.
How to Read Handicap Odds 1.5 when Betting on Football
Having a basic understanding of what a handicap odds of 1.5 means, you can confidently place your bet. However, to ensure your selection is correct, we advise you to thoroughly understand soccer tips sites how to read handicap odds of 1.5.
In essence, the type of handicap odds N.5 (N=0,1,2…) is usually straightforward to interpret. However, if you only analyze the odds without understanding this handicap odds, it will be challenging to make appropriate betting decisions.
Firstly, the handicap odds of 1.5 means that the underdog team receives an additional 1.5 goals in the outcome of the match. Let’s consider the following scenarios for the match result:
If the favorite team wins by a margin of 2 goals or more: The favorite bet wins, and the underdog bet loses.
If the favorite team wins by only 1 goal: The favorite bet loses, and the underdog bet wins.
If the match ends in a draw: The favorite bet loses, and the underdog bet wins.
As you can see, with a handicap odds of 1.5, if you bet on the favorite team and want to win the bet, the favorite team must score at least 2 goals more than the underdog team.
Therefore, when betting on a match with a handicap odds of 1.5, most players will tend to favor the underdog. Except for situations where there are intense attacking plays or when the underdog team lacks offensive options. In such cases, choosing to bet on the favorite team ensures a higher chance of winning the bet.
Should You Bet on Matches with Handicap Odds of 1.5?
This is a question that concerns new players. When facing odds set at 1.5, should you place a bet? And if you decide to bet, how should you make a reasonable choice?
Whether to place a bet or not usually depends on your decision. However, if you encounter matches with a handicap odds of 1.5, and if you’re passionate about the game, then it’s advisable to place a bet.
Because if you’re already interested in the match, prior analysis of the odds is necessary. If you have insights into the bookmakers’ odds, you just need to observe the dynamics and developments on the field. Combine these observations to make appropriate predictions.
Based on how to read handicap odds of 1.5 that we’ve just shared, the chances of the underdog winning the bet are high. This is because the favorite team needs to score at least 2 goals more to win the bet, while the underdog team only needs to maintain a draw or avoid conceding more than 1 goal.
For wiser betting, choose the appropriate time in the second half. Those who prefer safety should bet in the final minutes of the match.
However, if the halftime score is 1-0 in favor of the favorite team and the first half is still ongoing, try to wait until around the 30th or 35th minute to place a bet. At that point, if your analysis is accurate, it’s advisable to bet on the underdog.
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In conclusion, a handicap odds of 1.5 is not necessarily a lure for players. If players are familiar with the current tournament and have a good grasp of teams’ performance, then choosing the betting option won’t be as difficult as other odds. Remember, with a handicap of 1.5, the favorite team only wins if they score more than 2 goals. So, think carefully and make informed decisions before placing your bet. Wishing you all success!
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