What is a free kick bet? Skills to know when betting on free kick bets

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Free kick bets are among the various small bets in football betting. These bets are easy to play and understand, hence they are quite popular. Follow along with the following article to learn more about what free kick bets are and the skills needed when betting on them!

What is a free kick bet?

Free kick bets, known as total bookings in English, are wagers based on the number of cards shown in a match to provide betting options for players. With this type of bet, we don’t need to pay attention to the match result or the number of goals scored.

Free kick bets are relatively easy to play and often depend on the nature of the match, its importance, the tactics of both teams, and their current form. They can also be influenced by the lineup of both teams.

Some teams known for fair play tend to receive fewer bookings. On the other hand, teams employing rough tactics or having players prone to strong challenges often accumulate more fouls and receive more bookings.

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Some types of free kick bets in football betting

All types of bookings, including yellow card bets or red card bets, can be placed for either the first half (HT) or the full match (FT). Betting can be placed on both teams or just one team, and live betting is also available.

The outcome of the bet is determined by the total number of cards shown when the match concludes, excluding extra time.

Booking point wagers: Yellow card = 1 point & red card = 2 points. If a player receives 2 yellow cards and then a red card, it means that player has accumulated a total of 3 cards.

Booking point wagers: Yellow card = 10 points & red card = 25 points. If a player receives 2 yellow cards and subsequently a red card, it means that player has accumulated a total of 35 booking points.

Yellow and red cards are only considered valid when issued by the referee on the field of play. This means that cards given to substitute players or coaching staff are not counted.

Handicap free kick bet

When placing a booking handicap bet, it’s similar to Asian handicap bets. There will be a team listed as the favorite and the underdog. The bookmaker will then offer handicap odds, and participants choose and place their bets accordingly.

Over/Under free kick bet

Participants have to sure home win prediction the total number of cards that the referee will issue. Based on the odds provided by the bookmaker, they can bet on over or under.

Even/Odd free kick bet

Players predict whether the total number of cards issued at the end of the match will be odd or even based on the total booking points. This type of bet can also be placed specifically on yellow cards or red cards.

Yellow card bet

Participants bet on how many yellow cards will be shown during the match. A straight red card is not counted as two yellow cards in the same match.

Red card bet

Participants bet on how many red cards will be shown during the match. Note that two yellow cards are not counted as one red card.

Predicting how many cards players will receive

In big matches, some bookmakers offer special bets targeting specific players for players to choose and bet on. Even coaches can place bets with odds that could result in significant payouts, sometimes even thousands of times their stake.

Experience in playing free kick bets

Booking yellow card, red card, and free kick bets are primarily based on luck to wintip. However, you can also apply some playing experiences below to increase your chances of winning:

Before placing a booking bet, you should find out who the referee for the match is. What is the referee’s history of issuing cards like?

You should learn about each team’s playing style. From there, you can make a decision on your betting.

Choose top matches such as regional derbies, teams with long-standing rivalries to place booking bets. These matches often have a very competitive atmosphere among the players, leading to a slightly higher likelihood of bookings.

Observe the game situation, live game developments to place live bets: with a few seasoned players, you can best app for football prediction based on the players’ psychology, playing style to place bets.

Choose to bet on a specific player for booking bets, some defenders have an aggressive playing style, their likelihood of being on the field and receiving cards is higher than other players, you can choose matches with them to place bets.


Above are the details about the free kick bets that Wintips wants to share with you. This is an easy-to-play and easy-to-win type of bet. Make sure to study carefully to apply this knowledge effectively in your betting matches!

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