Sharing Effective Tips for Playing Double Chance Bets

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Sharing Effective Tips for Playing Double Chance Bets

For many football betting enthusiasts, the double chance bet is probably not unfamiliar anymore, right? Although, for many, effective strategies for playing this type of bet are still somewhat unclear. Therefore, in today’s article, win tips bet will share with you some of the best tips for playing double chance bets.

What is a Double Chance Bet?

In English, a double chance bet is referred to as Double Chance. This is a type of bet in which the player places a bet on 2 to 3 possible outcomes such as win, lose, or draw at the same time in a football match. Moreover, as long as the player places a bet on any of these outcomes correctly, they will be the winner of the bet.

Players should also note that this bet only considers the results during the official playing time of the football match, meaning the time range is within the official 90 minutes and extra time in each half of the match.

With the double chance bet in football betting, if players, especially those who are adept at calculations and careful consideration, can achieve over 70% winning rate and potentially win with the highest odds. Additionally, players can easily make predictions for the away team or the home team when choosing a double chance bet. Depending on the chosen winning team, the odds received will vary.

How to Play Double Chance Bets?

On the bookmaker list board where players choose to place this bet, they will easily recognize the Double Chance marked as 1×2. To understand it accurately, there are 3 possible outcomes:

1x: The player wins the bet if the home team draws or wins.

2x: Only if the away team draws or wins.

12: The player wins the bet if the away team wins.

Based on these symbols, players can choose the most accurate bet in the football match.

How is the Double Chance Bet Calculated?

There are a total of 3 betting options, so the calculation of the double chance bet is relatively simple. Specifically:

If you bet on 1x and the home team wins, the winnings will be calculated as follows:

Winnings = 1 / (1/Odds 1 + 1/Odds 2).

If you bet on 12 and win, the winnings will be calculated as follows:

Winnings = 1 / (1/Odds Team 1 + 1/Odds Team 2).

If you lose, Loss Amount = Initial Bet Amount.

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Some Effective Tips for Playing Double Chance Bets Today

Here are some effective tips for playing double chance bets for players to consider:

Choose reputable and large bookmakers to play bets. This helps avoid unclear odds, scams, or legal safety issues. Moreover, a large and reputable bookmaker will provide players with comfort and ease of mind, allowing them to be completely confident in their choices.

Choose teams with differing skill levels to make the most accurate predictions about the match result, at least knowing the highest win or loss rate between the two teams.

Thoroughly research the match information for both teams, such as playing tactics, player fitness, injuries, etc. This will help you make an accurate assessment of the match result and make informed betting decisions.

Combine with other types of bets such as correct score bets, handicap bets, etc., to increase your winning rate and receive more winnings.

Choose to bet on major tournaments such as the Euro, World Cup, Premier League, etc. In major tournaments, you can easily obtain additional information such as playing tactics, starting line-ups, goals, etc., and make the most effective betting decisions.

Double chance bets are essentially running bets. Therefore, if you have a different assessment than initially thought, take advantage of the opportunity to adjust by betting on the other outcome.

Avoid greed; once you have won a certain amount of prize money, it’s best to stop to preserve your winnings. In the end, betting depends a lot on luck, and if you keep pushing without stopping, you may end up losing all the money you won, even the initial capital.

Above, the article has listed some effective tips for playing double chance bets today. Hopefully, this article has provided valuable information for players. Good luck with your double chance bets!

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