Guide To Play 1/4 Goal Betting and Tips for Guaranteed Wins

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What is half goal betting? Should you engage in this type of betting or not? To address the queries of players, Wintips will provide detailed information oddschecker football tips about this type of betting. Furthermore, in today’s article, we will unveil some foolproof betting tips.
Brief Introduction to Half Goal Betting
What is half goal betting? It is also known as quarter ball betting or half lose half win. This is a term commonly used by experts and experienced players.
This type of betting is usually displayed as 1/4 or 0.25, and it is quite challenging to predict due to the similarity in strength and statistics between the two competing teams.
One characteristic to identify half goal betting is through the sign of 1/4 announced by bookmakers. Additionally, the team considered stronger will have a bolder sign compared to usual.
Guide for Beginners on How to Read Half Goal Betting Accurately
To understand what half goal betting is accurately, the first thing you need to know is how to determine the outcome of winning or losing when participating in betting:
When the favored team (upper door) wins by at least one goal, the person betting on this team wins the bet, while the underdog team loses the bet.
In the event of a draw between the favored team and the underdog team, the person betting on the favored team will lose half the bet amount. The person betting on the underdog team will win half the bet amount.
If the underdog team wins, the person betting on this team wins the entire bet amount, while those who bet on the favored team will lose the entire amount.
What is Half Goal Betting? Guide for Bettors on Calculating Winnings Accurately
After understanding what half goal betting is, let’s find out how to calculate winnings. If the match result is a draw, the player betting on the favored or underdog team will either win or lose half of their bet amount, depending on the betting odds set by the bookmaker.
When there is a winning team and a losing team in the match, regardless of whether the player chooses the upper or lower door, they will win or lose the corresponding amount of money they bet. For example, in a match between Team A and Team B with a half goal betting, the winning chances of both teams are considered equal. The bookmaker will set the betting odds at 0.75 and 0.97 for this match.
If you bet 100,000 VND on Team A and they win, you will receive:
Original bet amount: 100,000 VND
Winning bet amount: 100,000 VND x 0.75 = 75,000 VND
Total amount received: 175,000 VND
In the event of a draw or loss by Team A, you will lose the initial bet amount.
If you bet 100,000 VND on Team B and they win, you will receive:
Original bet amount: 100,000 VND
Winning bet amount: 100,000 VND x 0.97 = 97,000 VND
Total amount received: 197,000 VND
If Team B draws or loses, you will lose the initial bet amount.
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Secrets of Choosing Half-Ball Handicap Bets from Experienced Veterans
When playing half-ball handicap bets, most players tend to lean towards the underdog. Unless the home team is given a 3/4 handicap and receives enthusiastic support from fans everywhere. This means that if the away team is given a 1/4 handicap, they only lose a portion of the bet if they don’t score.
If the handicap is 1/4 but the odds are less than half, you may consider choosing the upper side. This implies that the home team is rated stronger and has a higher chance of winning big.
In situations where the handicap is 1/4 and the first half score is 0-1 but the second half has a 1/4 handicap, then you should bet on the underdog. This suggests that there may be fewer goals scored in the second half compared to the first.
For matches with second half handicap odds of 1/4 or higher. If the bets tend to favor the underdog, you should consider this option and closely monitor the match. This may indicate that there will be fewer goals scored in the second half.
In the case of the away team being given a 1/4 handicap and the over/under odds being low. If the result after the first half is 0-0, then you should choose the home team and continue to monitor the match. This indicates that there may not be many goals, and the home team has the advantage in the second half.
Important Notes to Know When Participating in Half-Ball Handicap Bets
What is a half-ball handicap bet and how should you play it to win big? This type of bet is preferred by many players because it can yield high profits from bookmakers. However, to achieve success, you need to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge and skills when placing bets.
In football betting, the half-ball handicap bet is one of the popular types of bets. Bookmakers also often accurately predict the results of many matches. However, not all bookmaker predictions are correct. Players need to analyze and choose bets wisely on their own.
Grasp Information About the Home and Away Teams
This type of bet will give players the opportunity to accurately predict which team will win or draw without worrying about the match score. However, to achieve good results, you need to have a solid understanding of what a half-ball handicap bet is and have extensive betting experience.
Therefore, before deciding to place a bet, you should learn about what a half-ball handicap bet is and grasp detailed information about your team and the opponent. Refer to news bulletins, statistical data, and in-depth comments for a better overall understanding of each team’s strength.
Prioritize Betting on the Handicapped Team
In half-ball handicap bets, the team receiving half a goal in the Handicap score will have an advantage. Therefore, you need to pay attention to finding and prioritizing these teams when placing bets.
If the team with higher strength is handicapped against a weaker team, you should bet on the upper team. Although they may not score immediately, a team in good form will have the ability to turn the situation around at any time.
Wintips has just revealed all the secrets and detailed betting tips app download explanations of what a 1/4 bet is? To win the bet, it’s best to use the shared experiences above.
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