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Football betting is no longer a foreign term to those who love this sport. It provides both excitement and the opportunity to make money. To consistently win, players need to understand the rules and have experience in analyzing football odds. Among these, the most frequently asked question is whether football betting includes injury time. To clarify this question, let’s explore with Wintips in the following tips on double unders
A Brief Introduction to Football Betting
Before addressing the question of whether football betting includes injury time, we need to understand what football betting is. Football betting has been a form of entertainment for a long time and has attracted many participants. People engage in it during various tournaments worldwide such as the Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, Euro, and World Cup. Besides enjoying the thrilling matches, players also analyze odds and place bets.
There are two forms of betting for players: traditional betting and online betting. In online football betting, players have more options compared to traditional betting. Bookmakers offer various types of odds and odds ratios for players. Players can directly place bets with the bookmaker without going through any intermediaries. After predicting the winning team and placing their bet, players simply wait for the match results. If their prediction is correct, they receive the specified prize money; otherwise, they lose the bet.
To consistently win in football betting, players need to accumulate knowledge and join prediction groups. Most importantly, players must understand the rules to make informed bets.
Does Football Betting Include Injury Time?
For online football betting, the rules and gameplay depend on the bookmaker that players must adhere to. Regarding the question of whether football betting includes injury time, the most accurate answer is yes. This applies not only to online bookmakers but also to traditional betting where hosts also consider injury time. This is because no one can predict what issues may arise during the 90 minutes of the main game, such as player injuries or other factors related to the match.
However, it’s important to understand that calculating injury time is different from calculating extra time. When a match goes into extra time, players need to place new bets. However, bets made before the main game and during injury time are still considered valid.
As mentioned, bookmakers have their own rules for different odds. The calculation of injury time and extra time may vary. Nevertheless, in general, there are two scenarios that bookmakers always apply.
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Situation without Extra Time Counted
In cases where nothing changes, the result of the match will still be counted within the official 90 minutes, excluding extra time. Here are some best betting tips app types of bets that bookmakers will not consider regarding extra time:
1×2 betting within the match.
Betting on which team scores the first goal.
Betting on the player to score the first goal.
Placing bets on odd/even scores.
Betting on the timing of goals.
Betting on which player will score the most goals.
Betting on each half of the two matches.
Situation with Extra Time Counted
This is considered a special case. For matches where extra time and penalty shootout are included, reputable bookmakers will have to open additional betting sessions. These bets are often very appealing and dramatic, attracting many participants. Here are some situations where bookmakers include both extra time and penalty shootout:
Betting on the outcome of the match. Players must bet on the team they believe will win against their opponent. Nowadays, bookmakers typically offer two options for considering extra time results: away team in extra time or home team in extra time.
Betting on extra time or the number of goals scored. Players bet on whether there will be goals in extra time and how many goals in total. However, there is a rare case where the bet outcome will not be counted if the match is canceled before the end of extra time.
Betting on whether there will be extra time. This bet is popular and straightforward, where players predict if there will be extra time in the match.
Distinguishing Between Stoppage Time and Extra Time
Apart from answering the question of whether stoppage time is counted in football betting, people must also differentiate between stoppage time and extra time.
Stoppage time is typically just a few short minutes, ranging from about 1 to 10 minutes, compensating for time spent on player injuries, fouls, and other reasons.
Extra time, on the other hand, is longer and aims to determine the winner. In important matches requiring a clear result, extra time is necessary. Each half of extra time lasts for 15 minutes, and if the score remains tied, a penalty shootout will be conducted.
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Therefore, it’s clear that the nature of stoppage time and extra time differs, contributing to the understanding of betting rules in football. Hopefully, this article provides accurate answers to questions regarding stoppage time in football betting. For more tips on analyzing odds, follow the Wintips website to gather valuable insights.
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