With Profeco Suspension Seals Vips Branch Continues Operations

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Winning a suspension seal by Profeco is undoubtedly bad publicity, however, not respecting it could also put the brand’s image at risk. The Vips Azcapotzalco branch has been caught providing service, even with the suspension seals placed by Profeco for misleading advertising. Although social networks today allow us to realize about some inconsistencies that happen in restaurants around the world every day.

Only some of these manage to Bulk SMS Service be truly deserving of a sanction by the corresponding authorities, including Profeco . According to information from the Government of Mexico , the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) is the institution in charge of defending the rights of consumers, preventing abuses and guaranteeing fair consumer relations, with Mexico being the first Latin American country to create one of these and the second with a law on the matter.

Among one of the ways in which this institution is responsible for carrying out its work is by placing some seals of suspension of activities in some situations, which are placed when an establishment is audited by verifiers and it is found that it does not comply with the respective regulations. safety, quality or regulation standards, giving them an opportunity to correct their mistakes; however, the seals cannot be removed by the owners of the establishments, but it must be Profeco herself who removes them to resume operations, otherwise, they would be facing a sanction.

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